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Catching My Eye | 1.18.19

And just like that, another week has come and gone. This week was a busy one for me, and it was fully self-imposed.

I was feeling really down earlier in the week, and all I wanted to do on Monday night was go home after work, curl up on my couch, and watch The Bachelor by myself. But, instead of shrinking into myself and sitting in my sadness, I decided to go to a friends house to watch the show with a group. I instantly felt better after spending a few hours with friends, and it reminded me that I need to do that more often — surround myself with people that make me feel happy even when it’s the last thing I want to do.

The rest of the week was filled with dinners with friends, hour long conversations, and planning on how to keep improving myself and the organizations I’m a part of. I’m excited for this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday and catch up with a pal I haven’t seen in awhile.

But, until then, this it what’s been catching my eye this week.

kimberly honiball

1. MakeUp Eraser
One of my smaller goals of 2019 is to make small choices every day that are going to impact the Earth in a big way! I’m trying to make one lifestyle change a month so that it’s easier to tackle such a ginormous change. In January, I’m switching from make-up remover wipes to a more environmentally friendly option. I really dislike oily products, which are most of the natural make-up remover options out there, but I found the MakeUp Eraser from Sephora, and it looks like a really good option for me since I want the feeling of make-up wipe without the environmental destruction. Ulta also has a version of it, so I might try that out as well.

2. The Bleeding Edge
I posted about this on my Instagram story after watching the documentary, but I highly recommend “The Bleeding Edge” if you want to learn more about healthcare in the United States. This documentary focuses on medical devices, the twisted process of getting new/innovative devices approved by the FDA, and the lasting impact medical devices can have on someone’s life in unexpected ways.

3. It by Stephen King
After some “lighter” fiction reads for the last week fews, I dove back in to It by Stephen King. I’m already 300 pages in, but it looks like I’ve barely cracked the book open. A lot of people complain that Stephen King is too wordy, and he is, but he is also such an elegant world builder that I can’t get mad. Barely any action has started yet, but I’m still always excited to crack open the book when it comes time to read at the end of the day.

4. Lola
Is this weird? It might be weird. I’m loving Lola. It’s a subscription service for 100% organic feminine products, and it has made my life so much easier (this is not sponsored, I promise). I mass order about four boxes of supplies at a time, and then I don’t need to get feminine products for the next few months. To be perfectly honest, it’s a little expensive, but I got a coupon code from a podcast I listen to, Bad on Paper, and I’m sure you can find one too — you should probably listen to Bad on Paper to get one (I highly recommend the podcast).

5. On Endings
I’ve talked about The Stripe before on the blog, and Grace is actually a host of Bad on Paper, but I had to include this blog post from her from this week. She recently broke things off with her boyfriend, and while Grace and I are at very different points in our lives, I still really related to this post, especially with having gone through my own breakup recently. One of my favorite things she talks about is the fact that there is no “hierarchy for grief,” and I think that’s such an important thing to remember throughout life, not just when you’re going through a breakup. If you’re feeling lonely or a little lost, this is a must read.

What’s been catching your eye this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading,


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